Mobility is changing. Help us shape its future.

Making parking smarter, together

At Seety we are convinced that parking needs to evolve. Our ambition is to make your parking and your life easier by building the most innovative and advanced parking app. To tackle this huge challenge, we are looking for badass people” to join our team!

At Seety we want to create the biggest community ever around parking. We believe that together we will be able to park smarter. And we’re not alone. Engagement around our smart parking solution outgrew anything we hoped for. In only 6 months, 100,000 new Seetyzens joined the community!

A strong culture

Customer first

Our customers are the ones making our company sustainable so we need to listen to them, try to understand their real needs and treat them like Kings.

Have fun, be passionate

Life is too short to have a boring job! We want you to find a meaning in what you do and be sure that you are happy to come to the office every single day.

Trust and transparency

We trust each other’s and we have nothing to hide. We share as much information as possible with our team, our community and our clients.

We love our community

Our community is the most important things we have at Seety and we need to cherish each member of it. Our main goal is to make their parking easier.

One team

We are working together to achieve one common goal! We trust each other and we all have our word to say. We are constantly challenging each other and there is not such things as a boss taking decision on its own.

Big ambitions

We have big dreams and we want to shape the future mobility of cities. Nothing is impossible, we just need to try!

Our open positions

Want to be part of our big adventure? We are looking for creative and out-of-the-box-thinking people with a real entrepreneurial mindset.