Smart Parking

Save time and money by joining our community of 350,000+ people

Save time and money

All the info you need in your pocket

Find out the prices and regulations for any street or parking lot in town.

Good deals

Find the cheapest or free parking spots with ease thanks to our interactive map.

Avoid fines

Get notified by the community when a parking officer is spotted near your car.

Mobile payment in 2 clicks

Keeping it simple

Position your cursor where you are parked then click on "Pay". That's it!

The cheapest app available

No transaction fees in most cities. No registration nor reminder fees.

Smart notifications

Receive timely notifications so as to never pay more than necessary.

Our Seetyzens community

Real-time alerts

The community alerts you in real time if an agent is spotted near your car.

Updated 24h/24

Parking information is continuously updated thanks to the Seetyzens community.

Help open other cities

The Seety app is community-based. With the help of the Seetyzens, the mapped parking areas are increasing rapidly.







What our users say

Alice - Brussels

“Thank you so much. Parking in Brussels is a nightmare. Seety is a blessing!”

Valentin - Antwerp

“Very useful app. I used it today and discovered that only meters away from my office I could park for free.”

Audrey - Liege

“Congratulations for the app. It’s a great idea. I hope many other cities will be coming soon.”

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