You want to go to Strasbourg but you don't know where to park?

Parking in Strasbourg can be expensive if you don't pay attention to the place or if you don't know the regulations of the city.

In this article, we give you all the good tips about parking in Strasbourg so that you can fully enjoy the city!

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General parking regulations in Strasbourg

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As the interactive parking map shows, parking in the centre of Strasbourg is paid everywhere, from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. This is represented by the red zones (most expensive), oranges (normal rates) and yellow (cheapest) on the map.

The green zones on the map are free parking zones with no time limit! Therefore, if possible, use them to avoid spending your money on parking fees.

The blue areas are disc areas and therefore also free but with a time limit. Be careful, putting your disk is mandatory!

More information about parking regulations in Strasbourg here.

Free parking - Strasbourg-Ville train station

Are you planning to park at the Strasbourg-Ville train station?

You can park your car in one of the public parkings nearby :

Public parkings are a secure option but can quickly become expensive.

If you are prepared to walk for 25 minutes, there is a free parking area behind Strasbourg-Ville Station, near Rue de la Charmille :

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All the green streets on the map are free. Favour them to save on your parking!

Free parking near Rue des Juifs - Shopping

You want to go shopping on Rue des Juifs?

You have the option to park in a public parking Gutenberg - Parcus but this may cost you a lot of money.

A 15-minute walk away, you will find a free parking area around the Rue Jean Hultz :

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The good parking tip when you go shopping in Strasbourg!

Free parking near the Petite France

Do you want to go for a walk in Petite France, this beautiful pitoresque district in the historic centre of Strasbourg?

To find a free parking area, you need to walk about 20 minutes. It is located at Route de l'Hôpital.

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Free parking areas on the map are shown in green. Enjoy your visit at no extra cost!

Free parking near the Rohan Palace and Notre-Dame Cathedral

Are you planning a cultural day with a visit to the Palais Rohan or Notre-Dame Cathedral?

The nearest free street parking is Rue de la Colonne :

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If this zone is too far away for you, you should prefer the yellow zones (cheapest) or the orange zones (normal rates) in the Krutenau district.

There are also public parkings if you wish to park your car safely:

Free parking - European Parliament in Strasbourg

Want to visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg?

You are lucky because parking around is free everywhere!

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All green streets on the map are free parking zones!


Parking your car in Strasbourg can quickly cost you dearly. However, these good plans will allow you to do so at a lower cost.

Click here more information about parking regulations in Strasbourg here.