Are you going at the seaside in Ostend during your holidays or just for a weekend? As in most cities, parking in the center for a couple of hours can become very expensive.

This article is meant to help you find the best parking spot according to your needs so that you spend less on your parking and more on a good Ostend Wise sole!

Interactive parking map of Ostend

Consult the general parking regulations in Ostend

General parking rules in Ostend

Download the interactive parking map of Ostend to have all the information with you at all times.

As you can see on the map, Ostend counts several red zones and many orange zones.

To park in the red and orange streets you have to pay from 9am until 8pm.

Parking in the red ones is allowed for 2 hours at most. In the orange ones you can park for maximum 4 hours.

Only the green zones are free and with no time limit.

If you want to park at night in the center for free, you are allowed to do so from 8pm to 9am, on Sundays as well.

Here are our tips to help you park at a lower cost in Ostend:

Free parking in Ostend

Geolocate with Seety and look on the map where the free parkingzones are located.

If you want to park in Ostend for free, you can either park in one of the two parkings at the outskirts of the city or you can park in some specific neighborhoods.

The streets displayed in green are the streets where parking is free and with no time restriction. This is the case for some neighborhoods.

You will find all the details hereunder.

P&R Parking Maria-Hendrikapark

This free parking is the best solution for you if you plan on parking your car somewhere and ride a bike afterwards to move around in the city.

This parking is completely free as well as the rental of the bike (open all year around except on public holidays). You can use the bike for a day, from 7am to 7pm.

If you don’t want to rent a bike, you can get to the center of the city by bus or by walking.

Every 30 min there’s a bus passing by that goes to the center of the city.

Walking to the closest part of the city’s shopping street, the Kapellestraat,takes approximately 13 min.

Parking Oosteroever The Oosteroever parking is another solution for parking your car at no cost and with no time limit is, although much further away.

This parking is located in Ankerstraat (just before joining Fortstraat).

Reaching Marie-Joséplein from there will take you 30 minutes whether you choose to walk or take public transportation by foot.

If you choose to go by public transportation, walk until stop Oostende Stroombanklaan (11min) and then take bus number 4 going to Oostende-Sas Slijkens-Groenendijk-Oostende.

Get out at Oostende Station. From there take tram number 0 going to Kusttram Knokke-Oostende-De Panne and get of at Marie-Joséplein.

Parking FERRY

This free parking is situated near Parking Oosteroever a bit far from the center by foot, car or bus, but there is a convenient free ferry almost every half hour to the center. More info and timetables of the ferry here.

Neighborhoods with free parking streets

Geolocate with Seety and look on the map where the free parkingzones are located.


Interactive parking map of Ostend

Consult the general parking regulations in Ostend - Hazegras

In the neighborhood of Hazegras, not very far away from parking Maria-Hendrikapark, you can park in all streets freely and with no time limit.

This is the case for all the streets displayed in green on the map.

To get to the center of the city, you can either walk or take the bus.

Walking from there to the closest part of the Kapellestraat takes approximately 6 minutes.

To get to the Marie-Joséplein by foot takes 12 minutes. From there you can easily reach the sea dyke.

To get there by bus, you should walk to the Station of Ostend (3min) and then take a bus or a tram to Marie-Joséplein. The bus or tram ride takes 5 minutes.


Interactive parking map of Ostend

Consult the general parking regulations in Ostend - Westerkwartier

Another possibility is to park in the Westerkwartier in the streets displayed in green.

Although further away from the center of the city, it’s perfect if you need to be nearby the Wellington Golf.

Still, getting to the center is not so complicated.

For instance, if you park at Spaarzaamheidstraat, you should walk until the Torhoutsesteenweg (11min) and then take the bus at Oostende Zwaluwenstraat stop.

The bus ride takes roughly 7 minutes until Marie-Joséplein.

Park at the Station of Ostend

If you need to be near the Station of Ostend and you want to leave your car, you can park at Parking Station-Zee (Konterdamkaai 22, 8400 Ostend).

Parking fares depend on whether you are taking the train or not.

  • If you are taking the train, it costs 1,17€ per hour and ** 7€** for the day.

  • If not, the fares are 1,7€ per hour and around 17€ for a day.

In the weekend you can benefit from shopping fares. Leaving your car for 4 hours will cost you 1,7€.

More info over Parking Station-Zee here.

Over to you

Parking in Ostend becomes quickly expensive if you are not cautious about where you park.

Hopefully these parking tips are going to help you pay less for your parking.

If you want more information about parking in the streets of Ostend, you can explore the interactive map of Seety or download our app for iPhone or for Android.

Did we not mention some useful tips you might know ? Don’t hesitate to mention this in the comment section below.