Nantes is the next city on your list to visit but you don't know where to park your car?

Indeed, parking in the city centre can be expensive if you are not careful where you park.

In this article, we give you all the good tips to park for free or for less in Nantes, so that you can enjoy the many historical monuments and your day to the fullest!

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General parking regulations in Nantes

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As you can see on the map, the city center of Nantes is mostly paying for parking, if it is not pedestrian.

Paid streets are represented in red and orange on the map. Parking is paid from Monday to Saturday. Prefer orange streets which are cheaper and less restrictive regarding maximum parking time!

You can park for free on green streets where parking is free and without time limit. Prefer them instead!

More information on parking regulations in Nantes here.

Free parking near the Passage Pommeraye and Rue Crébillon - Shopping

Are you planning to go shopping near the famous Passage Pommeraye and Rue Crébillon?

We have the right parking plan for you! At 12 minutes walking distance, you will find a green zone to park at Avenue René Bazin.

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Don't hesitate to look for other green areas on the map to park.

Save money spent unnecessarily on parking and spend more on shopping!

Parking around Nantes' train station for free

If you plan to park near Nantes South Station, several options are available.

Either you choose one of the public parkings, but which will probably cost you more.

Not far from the train station, there are on-street parking alternatives available.

A 10-minute walk away, you can park for free at the Boulevard de Sarrebruck.

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Another alternative is also available to you Rue Tivoli, only 10 minutes walk from Nantes train station!

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Free parking near the castle of the Dukes of Brittany - St Peter's Cathedral - Jardin des Plantes

If you are planning a cultural day or want to take a stroll in the Jardin des Plantes, you can park for free 20 minutes away.

Near the rue des Rochettes there is a free parking area.

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Visit Machines de l'Île - free parking

Les Machines de l'Îles is an artistic project located at the Parc des Chantiers in Nantes and is well worth a visit!

The Parc des Chantiers is located in a paying area. However, a 10 minute walk from it you can park in a street where parking is free, the Boulevard des Antilles.

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Parking near Miséricorde Cemetery

At first glance, there is paid parking around the Misericordia Cemetery.

However, several streets around Rue Camille Flammarion are free and allow you to park without time limit.

They are located about 12 minutes from the Miséricorde Cemetery.

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We hope that these great parking deals in Nantes will help you save money in the future!

More information on parking regulations in Nantes here.