Going for a sightseeing trip in the century old city of Liege or just want to try one of Liege’s mythic "boulet"?

If you want to park in Liege, it’s best to know where to park beforehand as a great deal of the center of Liège is a pedestrian zone.

As for the rest of the city, parking is allowed for 1h30 at the most.

In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks from locals to make your parking in Liège easier and help you spare some extra money !

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Free parking spots in Liège’s city center

There are only a couple of streets in the center of Liège where you may park for free and with no time limit.

These streets are represented in green on the map. Even some locals don’t know about them. (This article may not be up-to-date, since the regulations change often, see from the map the current situation)

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As you can see on the map, this is not the only street. Some of the other are:

  • Place Saint-Paul (3 min)
  • Place Verte (4 min)
  • Rue Haute Sauvenière (8 min)
  • Rue sur la Fontaine (5 min)
  • Place Saint-Christophe (5min)
  • Place Joseph Jaspar (8 min)

The time is the walking time calculated to reach Rue Vinâve d’Île.

Across the water, you will find plenty of streets where parking is free. One of them is Quai Churchill. Waking from there to Rue Vinâve d’Île, takes 12 min by walking.

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In case you want more info over the different parking rules in Liège, you can download our app for iPhone or for Android or explore the interactive map.

Park for free in specific neighborhoods

As you are able to see on the map, some neighborhoods in Liège count several streets where parking is free.

All streets where parking is free and with no time restriction are displayed in green on the map.

These neighborhoods are the following:


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Almost every street in this neighborhood is free and without parking limit.

Walking to the center will take you between 20–35, depending on where you are going to park in the neighborhood.

For instance, Rue Saint-Laurent is 15 min away from Rue Vinâve d’Île by bus and 18 min by walk.


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The neighborhood of Sainte-Marguerite counts plenty of free streets where you can park.

For example, Rue du Mississippi is located at 15 min walking distance from Rue Vinâve d’Île.

Naturally, the further away you park from the center, the longer you will have to walk.

Parking on a regular basis in Liege’s center

If you have to be in the center of the city on a regular basis, you could consider buying a "vignette".

This allows you to park for an unlimited period of time in a non-free parking zone in the center of Liège.

You can buy such a vignette on a yearly basis for 600€ or on a semestrial basis for 350€.

How does it work? Just place the vignette in a visible way on your windscreen.

Shop & Drive parking spots

The city of Liège provides about 220 parking spaces for quick shopping.

These Smart parking spots, called ‘Shop & Drive’ are free as long as you park for 30 min.

This allows you to park shortly, go for a quick purchase and come back to your car.

These parking spots are equipped with smart sensors that will be able to tell if a car is parked and for how long it has been there.

It gets even better: real-time parking information is displayed on an app and/or the city’s website.

This means you will be able to know exactly the number of free parking spots that are available. Sweet right?

But be careful, as soon as you exceed the 30 min parkings, parking officers will be alerted.

The streets that will be provided with sensors are:

  • Rue Grétry (30 parking spots)
  • Rue des Guillemins (29 parking spots)
  • Boulevard de la Sauvenière (26 parking spots)
  • Rue Puits-en-Sock (19 parking spots)
  • Rue des Clarisses (18 parking spots)
  • Rue Charles Magnette (13 parking spots)
  • Rue des Carmes (9 parking spots)
  • Rue Saint-Gilles (8 parking spots)
  • Place Saint-Paul (7 parking spots)
  • Rue Hors-Château (5 parking spots)
  • Rue Paradis (4 parking spots)
  • Rue Libotte (4 parking spots)

Note that the Shop & Drive parking spots are free from 8am to 6pm everyday except for sundays. Outside this time window the normal fares are to be paid.

Park in the P+R Parkings of Liège

If you are looking for parking to leave your car for a couple of hours or a day, P+R parkings are your best solution. Liège counts two of them.

Those parking are located at the outskirts of Liège. And yet, they’re very well connected to the city center.

Both parking count approximately 150 parking spots.

Big plus: both parking are completely free!

P+R de Jemeppe — Rue du Gosson, 4101 Seraing

This parking is particularly attractive as it is situated near the bus station of Jemeppe.

Getting to the center of the city is thus very easy.

Take bus number 2 or 3 to reach the neighborhood of ‘Guillemins’

The trip takes approximately 22 min.

More info over P+R de Jemeppe here.

P+R d’Angleur

This parking is located next to the station of Angleur. It is also accessible via exit n°36, Grosses Battes, on highway E25.

You can easily reach the center of Liège by train. Take the train Angleur Station and get off at Gare du Palais.

The trip will take you between 11 and 14 minutes.

More info over P+R d’ Angleur here.


Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, these tips will help you save time and money when it comes to parking your car in Liège.

If you want to discover other free parking spots around you, download our app for iPhone or for Android or explore the interactive map.

Do you know any other parking tips we forgot to mention? Please let us know in the comment section below.