Are you going to spend a couple of days or a weekend at the Belgian seaside in Knokke and have no idea at all where to park.

Parking freely in Knokke is not an easy game.

Still, in this article we give you some tips that will help you save time and money on your parking. Better spend your budget in one of Knokke’s many beach bars ??

General parking rules in Knokke

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Parking in the center of Knokke, even for a couple of hours, is very expensive.

You have to pay in the red, orange and yellow streets displayed on the map everyday of the week (including on legal holidays), from 11am to 7pm.

If you don’t mind paying to be parked close to the center and the seaside, you can buy a day ticket for 15€, in the streets displayed in orange.

As for the yellow streets, a day ticket will cost you 10€. You are also offered the possibility to buy a subscription for a week for 35€, however only during the months of July and August.

As for the blue dotted streets, you are allowed to park for a period of maximum 4 hours during the weekend and during legal and school holidays, from 11am to 7pm. (with parking disc)

Parking is only free in the streets displayed in green. You are also allowed to park anywhere from 7pm to 11am.

Park for free in Knokke

Parking in Knokke for free is not easy at all unless you know Knokke well. Streets where parking is free and with no time restriction are very limited and situated relatively far away from the center of the city.

Graaf Leon Lippensdreef is one of the streets where you can park for free and with no time limit.

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Walking from there to the Lippenslaan will take you approximately 45 min.

You can also take the bus from Knokke Oosthoekplein stop (11 min walking distance from Graaf Leon Lippensdreef) and get off at Knokke Zoutelaan.

Note that busses don’t ride very frequently in Knokke.

This is not the only street that is free. If you want to explore more options, you can check the interactive map here or download our app for iPhone or for Android

Park for free for 4 hours during weekends in Knokke

If you don’t need to stay very long in Knokke during the weekends, you can park in the dotted blue streets displayed on the map, for a maximum of 4 hours.

This holds for Saturdays, Sundays, school and legal holidays.

Putting up your parking disc is required from 11am to 7pm.

Helmweg is one of those street.

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Park underground in Knokke

If you don’t mind paying for your parking, Knokke counts 3 underground parkings.

These parkings are Parking Stadhuis, Parking Ijzerpark and Parking Minigolf Zoute.

Parking Ijzerpark

  • Dumortierlaan 90A, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Parking Ijzerpark is perfect if you don’t want to worry about your car and if you don’t want to walk too much to get to the center.

This parking is situated in the center of Knokke, one street away from the Lippenslaan.

Fares for a day (from the 8th hour):

  • During the season*: 20€
  • Normally: 8€
  • Evening prices (from 7pm to 5am)
  • from the 5th hours: 5€

Monthly subscription

  • Subscription for residents: 80€/month
  • Subscription for everyone 24/24: 87€/month

Make sure not to lose your parking ticket as this will cost you 150€!

More info over Parking Ijzerpark here.

*Seasonal fares/tariffs are applied on:

  • during school holidays
  • on Saturdays
  • on Sundays
  • Long weekends
  • June 15?—?September 14

Parking Minigolf Zoute

  • Sparrendreef 103, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Parking Minigolf Zoute is situated in the ‘Zoute’ and only footsteps away from the sea dyke.

Although further away from the center compared to Parking Ijzerpark, walking to the Lippenslaan takes about 20 min.


  • For a day (from the 7th hour): 20€
  • Evening prices (from 7pm to 5am)
  • From the 3rd hour: 5€
  • Subscription possible 1.600€/ year

Here again, If you lose your ticket, this will cost you 150€.

More info over Parking Ijzerpark here.

Parking Stadhuis

  • Verweeplein 1, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Parking Hôtel de Ville is located just next to Lippenslaan

This very central parking has also different fares that apply depending on the season.


  • From September 15th?—?March 3 for a day (from the 9th hour): 8€
  • From April 1st?—?September 14th for a day (from the 8th hour): 18€


  • 1.100€/ year
  • 1424€/ year for a secured garage unit

More info over Parking Stadhuis here.

Over to you

Thanks for reading. We hope this article will help you for your next trip in Knokke.

If you want the latest information about parking in the streets of Knokke, you can always explore the interactive map of Seety or download our app for iPhone or for Android.

If you know other useful tips to park, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section below, this way we can add them in the article.