Do you want to visit the city of Brussels?

Parking in the centre of Brussels can be expensive if you don't pay attention to the location or if you don't know the city's parking regulations.

In this article, we want to give you an overview of all good parking tips in Brussels, to park for free or cheaper!

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Parking rules in the region of Brussels - Find free or cheaper parking easily

The particularity of the region of Brussels are its 19 municipalities. Each municipality decides on its own parking regulations and paymentmethods. It is therefore easy to make a mistake, for example when you find yourself at the limit of one of them.

To make sure you don't make a mistake, check out the interactive parking map below. It informs you about parking regulations (rates, timetables, etc.) in the different municipality thanks to its standardised colour code which helps you to quickly identify the different parking zones (free, disc or paying).

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels

To avoid misunderstanding the regulations or to find the free or cheaper parking easily, you can access the interactive map via the Seety mobile application.

Green zones are 100% free parking areas. The blue zones are also free zones with a parking disc but they are limited in time.

Avoid red zones, as these are the most expensive parking areas. Favour the orange zones (normal rate) or yellow zones (the cheapest paid parking zones) if you cannot find a free parking zone near your destination.

You can pay for your parking easily with Seety.

Free P+R parkings to go carless in Brussels

Free Parking and go Carless Brussels

At the gates of the city you will find 7 car parks called 'Parking de transit': Lennik-Erasme, Ceria, Stalle, Hermann-Debroux, Delta, Roodebeek, Crainhem.

All of them are free and have no time limit (except Ceria). The purpose of these parkings is to make the city center more fluid by reducing the number of cars that go there.

Public transport will bring you to the city center in a couple of minutes. Below you will find all info over the different parkings.

If you like biking, you will be pleased to know most of the parkings have a locker for a maximum of approximately 20 bikes. This way you can Ride a bike to go from the parking to where you need to be in Brussels.

Here you will find all useful information about the parkings:

Park and ride brussels

Park for free at the Cinquantenaire


Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - Cinquantenaire

This TIP is very useful if you live in Brussels or if you are occasionally going to Brussels by car.

You can park your car for free in a part of Rue Belliard, nearby the Cinquantenaire. This part of the street is represented in green on the map.

Another free parking area exists on the other side of the Cinquantenaire, for a maximum of 2 hours, with parking disc. This is the blue parking zone on the map.

You can even take the opportunity to take a walk in the Parc du Cinquantenaire or to visit one of the nearby museums.

Park nearby the European District - Square Marie-Louise & Ambiorix (max 2h

European District

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - European District

You want to park near Schuman? A good parkingtip is to park around Square Marie-Louise or Square Ambiorix.

Around these two squares, you will find blue parkingareas. In the blue parkingzones, you can park for free for 2 hours with a blue disc. The disc is obligatory from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

If you need to park your car for more than 2 hours, part of Rue Belliard is free. The free part is shown in green on the map.

From there, you can take the metro at Schuman or Maelbeek stations to get around Brussels. The big plus: you are right in the centre of the European quarter!

If you can't find a parking space in these places you can either pay your parking easily with the Seety app or try to find another free zone thanks to its interactive map (the green and blue zones).

Park nearby the European Parliament - Avenue du Maelbeek

European Parliament

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - European Parliament

At the gates of Brussels-Luxembourg station and the European quarter, part of Avenue Maelbeek offers you a free and unlimited parking option between Rue du Cornet and Rue Gray.

Be careful, park on the free side of the street (green street on the map)!

The street is located 9 minutes away from the Brussels-Luxembourg train station. Sit down for a beer or coffee on the square or spend a Thursday evening there to mingle with the young eurocrats over a beer.

If you want to go to the centre of Brussels, just take the train from the station, take bus 95 or walk to metro Trône or Maelbeek.

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Park nearby Brussels North Station - Chaussée d'Anvers (max 2h)

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - Brussels North Station

Just a few hundred metres from the North Station, the Chaussée d'Anvers offers the possibility to leave your car there for a few hours without paying.

This is a blue zone between Boulevard Simon Bolivar and Avenue de la Reine.

You will then be 7 minutes (near Boulevard Simon Bolivar) or 15 minutes (near Avenue de la Reine) by foot from the Gare du Nord train station.

Couldn't find a parking space? Pay easily with the Seety app but avoid the red zones on the map and prefer the orange zones which are cheaper!

Park in the heart of Brussels - Rue des Tanneurs & Rue de la Samaritaine

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - Rue des Tanneurs & Rue de la Samaritaine

Do you have to go to the Sablon or the Central Station? Here are some tips to park there without paying.

Rue des Tanneurs is a green zone. It is located 15 minutes walk from the Central Station and 14 minutes walk from the Sablon.

You can also park at Rue Samaritaine, which is also a green zone. They are however a little further away - 9 minutes walk from the Central Station and 6 minutes from the Sablon.

Parking in the surrounding area is paid. You can pay for your parking with Seety if necessary. This is the cheapest parking app on the market!

Rue Neuve - Spend more on your shopping, less on your parking (Rue du Faubourg)

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - Rue Neuve

If you want to go shopping in the Rue Neuve, be aware that 10 minutes walk away several streets are in the blue zone.

These streets are Rue de l'Harmonie, Rue de l'Angle, Rue de l'Héliport, Rue Nicolay and Rue du Faubourg.

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Park nearby Avenue Louise - favour perpendicular streets to park

Interactive parking map of Brussels

Open the interactive parking map of Brussels - Avenue Louise

Even if you're a local, you could learn something here.

Several perpendicular streets to Avenue Louise are Blue Zones*. This means you can park by using your parking disc all days except from Sunday. Note however that this generally holds for the first part of the street.

Here's the list of the streets:

  • Rue Lesbroussart
  • Rue Châtelain
  • Tenbosch
  • Rue Paul Emile Janson
  • Rue du Beau Site
  • Rue Mercelis
  • Rue Souveraine
  • Rue Defacqz
  • Rue Dautzenberg
  • Chaussée de Vleurgat
  • Rue du Président
  • Rue de la Concorde

To access the interactive map of the parking areas, you can download the Seety app.

Some streets parallel to Avenue Louise are also blue zones (but be aware that regulations may change depending on which side of the street you are on). These streets are as follows:

  • Rue Lens
  • Rue de Livourne
  • Rue de la Vanne
  • Rue de la Longue Haie

The orange zone is a paid zone. The first 15 minutes are free. After that, it will cost you 0.5€ for 30 min, 1.5€ for 1 hour, 4€ for 2 hours and 7€ for 3 hours. To pay easily, download <a href=""_blank"> the Seety app . Transaction fees are the cheapest on the market.


Parking your car in Brussels can quickly become expensive. But as in every city, there are good tips that will allow you to do so at a lower cost. For more information on parking rules, go to our website.

We hope that these parking tips will help you save time and money when you travel to Brussels. To get all the latest parking tips of the moment or to pay easily you can always download Seety . The app will give you access to an interactive map with all the parking zones in Brussels, their costs and the latest regulations in force. You can even pay for your parking with it! It's the cheapest app on the market.