You want to discover the city of Bordeaux? This city is located on the Garonne river. The city counts many historical places such as the gothic cathedral of Saint-André, you will be able to walk on the quays but also do a multitude of varied activities.

General parking rules in Bordeaux

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On-street parking in Bordeaux can be very expensive depending on where you park your car and how long you are planning to stay there. In Bordeaux, there are 5 parking zones:

  • The green zone, which is the preferred area, is free!
  • The red zone which is the most expensive zone: 5€ for two hours for example. And limited to 4h15 of parking
  • The orange zone which is cheaper than the red zone, 3.60€ for 2 hours and also limited to 4h15 of parking
  • The black zone is forbidden in the parking lot, it is reserved for pedestrians

Therefore, we advise you to park in the green zone but if it is far from your destination you should park in the orange zone as it's the less expensive paid zone.

Parking in Bordeaux is expensive in the center of the city, but in the other districts around the city center parking is free.

For example, if you go to the Chartron or Benauge area you will find totally free parking, see the zones on the map above.

A good plan is also the parking of the Mériadeck Shopping Center. The prices remain lower than the on-street parking. You can park there for 2.60€ for 2 hours or 7.60€ for 4 hours whilst on-street parking will cost you 15€!

If you are a local resident, you may, after making the request on the internet, take advantage of more advantageous rates, 1€/day, 6€/week, 15€/month in all zones!

Park and Ride Parking

Bordeaux has a lot of public transport and tries to privilege their use. You ca choose between the Tram, the Bus or the Bikes to find a suitable alternative of riding in the city center with the car.

Park-and-Ride lots can be used by subscribers and by occasional users. The normal rate allows you to park in a park-and-ride and you get 1 return on the network for the driver and his passengers! The whole will only cost 4.5€ !

Here is the location of the parking, you will find all the information on the TBM website. ici

Park and Ride Plan

Parking nearby the docks

To enjoy a moment of relaxation or even discover the charm of the city you can stroll along the famous quays along the Garonne. You can also enjoy a boat trip on the Garonne, so get out of your car!

Quay of the Garonne Bordeaux

Parking along the docks is mostly paid parking, but if you are careful you can park for free on a portion of the docks or in nearby streets for a few extra minutes walk. See on this map :

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Parking nearby The City of Wine

The City of Wine

For wine lovers or budding oenologists, a visit to La Cité du Vin is mandatory! Luckily this architecturally impressive building is located in a Free Zone.

Even if parking can be difficult with the crowds, all the surrounding streets are also free to park.

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Park near the Velodrome stadium

Darwin Quarter

If you are a fan of alternative places and community designs you can visit the famous Darwin's Ecosystem Quarter. Although cycling is much more popular, if you have to park your car on street, you have to pay in the area ...

Instead, you go park in the Bouthier or the Edouard Mayaudon street which are in Free Zone only about 5 minutes walk away.

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Park near the Grand Theatre

Grand Theater Bordeaux

For theater lovers, getting to the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux can be difficult as it is located between a paid or forbidden zone. If the nearby paid parkings don't suit you, we have a cheaper alternative!

Indeed, only a few minutes away you can find several Orange streets such as rue Huguerie or rue Lafaurie de Monbadon. Parking in these streets will cost you 3.60€ for 2.

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Park nearby The Public Garden of Bordeaux

The Public Garden of Bordeaux

If you wish to relax, have fun or discover the public garden, it is possible to park for free not far away to avoid the paying zones. All the streets surrounding the park are paid parking zones but we have a free parking alternative at 12 min from the walk. Take advantage of it for a family walks!

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In video

Find in video the information on the parking areas in Bordeaux :


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you save time and money when you go to Bordeaux. For more information on parking regulations in Bordeaux, click on the link.

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