Do you want to discover the city of Marseille, this city marked by its history and past, the old port or visit the city centre for shopping? We will try to offer you a parking area close to your destination and at a lower cost.

General parking regulations in Marseille

On-street parking in Marseille can be expensive depending on where you want to park and how long you will stay. In Marseille, there are 5 parking zones:

  • The green parking zone, which is preferred as you can park for free.
  • The red parking zone which is the most expensive are to park: for instance, you will pay 4€ for 2 hours.
  • The orange parking zone which allows you to stay parked longer or is cheaper than the red one.
  • The yellow zone which is the cheapest paid parking zone: 3€ for 2 hours for example.
  • The black zone is a pedestrian zone and thus forbidden regarding parking.

Therefore, we advise you to park in the green zone but if it is far from your destination we advise you to park in the yellow zone so that it is cheaper. Take a look on the map below :

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Park and Ride Parking

Marseille has a lot of public transport and tries to promote it as much as possible. Between the metro, the tramway or the bus, you can find an alternative to the car.

Park and ride is unfortunately reserved for season ticket holders, however if you stay long enough in Marseille you can get 7-day season tickets. The parks allow you to park your car free of charge provided you have used public transport for a return trip within the previous 2 hours.

There are many park and ride facilities in Marseille, of various sizes. Here is the list of P+R parking you could go park:

  • Parking Saint-Jérôme
  • Parking Einstein
  • Parking La Rose
  • Parking Frais Vallon
  • Parking Saint-Just
  • Parking La Blancarde
  • Parking Vallier
  • Parking La Timone
  • Parking Louis Armand
  • Parking La Fourragère
  • Parking Bougainville
  • Parking Sainte Marguerite Dromel
  • Parking Rond-Point du Prado
  • Parking Teisseire Dromel

Find them on the map below:

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Park and Ride Plan

Park nearby the Canebière

Any stay in Marseille requires a walk along the famous historical avenue of La Canebière. It connects the Old Port to the church of the Reformed on 1km and will allow you to discover many places.

Avenue de la Canebiere

However parking on the avenue is prohibited. The surroundings of La Canebière are in black, red or orange zones but a few hundred meters away, you will find free green zones such as the Rue des Abeilles. See for yourself on the map :

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Park nearby the Opera

Opera Marseille

For theatre or opera lovers, getting to the Marseille Opera House can be difficult as it is located between a paid zone and a forbidden zone. If the paid parking of the opera house is not convenient for you, we have a free alternative!

Indeed, a few minutes away you can find several free streets such as rue Rigord or rue des Tyrans.

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Parking around the Velodrome Stadium

Velodrome stadium marseille

The emblematic Velodrome Stadium is located in a totally green area, although during events, free parking spaces are popular we offer free parking Boulevard de Sainte-Marguerite a few minutes walk away.

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Park nearby the Bourse Center

Bourse Shopping Centre

For an afternoon of shopping, the Centre Bourse is ideal: with more than 200 shops, it is made for you. The centre offers you 1 hour of parking for 30€ of purchase in the shops or 2 hours for 60€ of purchase. However, if you prefer street parking, green areas such as rue Colbert are also within walking distance.

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All tips about parking in a video in Marseille

Find in video the information on the parking areas in Marseille :


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that these tips and tricks will help you save time and money when you go to Marseille. For more information on parking regulations, please go to ourwebsite.

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