This short article reviews 5 of the most common parking mistakes. A good reminder to avoid future fines and keep your money for what really matters to you 😉

Non compliance to these parking rules will cost you around 55–58€ depending on the municipality you live in. These are first degree infringements. To avoid similar mistakes and to understand parking regulations more click here.

1. Parking on the wrong side of the street when the street goes both ways

If you park in a two-way street, parking your car facing oncoming traffic is not allowed.

Either park on your side of the street (right side) while facing oncoming traffic or turn you car around and do the same on the opposite side of the street.

*On the image you can see what you are not supposed to do

Parking on wrong side

2. Leave at least 15m before or after a tram or bus stop

Leave at least 15m

You shouldn't park your car at less than 15m from the bus or tram stop.

Usually, the restricted area is marked. If not, bare in mind that you should leave at least 15 meters between your car and the stop (unless there is a sign telling you you are allowed to do so).

Note that just stopping is allowed.

3. Leave at least 5m between your car and a pedestrian crossing

Leave at least 5m

Parking your car at less than 5m from a pedestrian crossing is forbidden as it hinders the visibility of the other drivers.

4. Leave at least 1 meter between parked cars

Leave at least 1m between parked cars

When parking in between two other cars, make sure to give them enough space/to leave enough space between the car in front of you and your car.

There should at least leave 1 meter between your car as well as 1 meter between your car and the car behind you.

This way you will avoid getting your car damaged or damage other cars when parking.

Note that this rule is very theoretical. Drivers rarely apply it. This is especially true in city centers where there are not enough parking spaces for the number of cars.

5. Don't double park your car

Don't double park

You shouldn't park alongside another vehicle in a two-way street as well as in a one-way street.

Double parking is forbidden as it obstructs traffic.