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Smart mobility solutions - Waterloo

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Public transport (4 solutions)

Motorcycles (0 solution)

Bikes (1 solution)

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Mobility tools (5 solutions)

Find an overview of the different mobility solutions and shared mobility alternatives. You will find free, cheaper or very practical mobility solutions.

LogoCar in Waterloo

Getting around by car in Waterloo is not always easy, parking even less so. We give you the different applications for paying for your Waterloo street parking as well as public parking services or private parking rental. First, take the time to look at the Waterloo parking regulations on this interactive map. It allows you to identify free or cheaper zones, rates and schedules, as well as view the various public parking lots. We give you an overview of all the options for Waterloo parking:

Parking - Waterloo

Public & private parkings - Waterloo


Parkpnp -Platform and mobile application for sharing and renting private parking spaces. Irish company.


MyFlexiPark - Platform and mobile application for sharing and renting private parking spaces. Belgian company.

Carpooling - Waterloo

On demand carpooling - Waterloo


Blablacar - Carpooling platform. Journeys across Europe, in more than 300 cities. French company. Leader in carpooling.


Covevent - Carpooling platform for private or public events. Belgian company. Leading company in Belgium.


Comon - Carpooling platform for home-to-work journeys. Belgian company that is part of Taxistop vzw.

Carsharing - Waterloo

Carsharing - free flloating - Waterloo


GetAround - Carsharing service between individuals. American company present in more than 300 cities.


Cozycar -Car sharing service between individuals. Belgian company that is part of Taxistop vzw.

LogoPublic transport in Waterloo

The public transportation offer is present in Waterloo. Fares, subscription formulas, maps and route planners are available on the respective sites of the different services. There are 4 public transport servics in Waterloo. They are listed hereunder:


SNCB - Belgian national railway service. National and international train journeys.


TEC - Public transport service of the Walloon Region (bus).

Bus - Long distance - Waterloo


Flixbus - Low-cost long-distance bus service. More than 2,500 destinations in 32 countries. German company.


Blablabus - Low-cost long-distance bus service. More than 300 destinations in 10 countries. Company owned by BlaBlaCar.

LogoBikes in Waterloo

Shared bikes are environmentally friendly means of travel that offer a lot of flexibility. There are free-floating or station-based bike services as well as long-term bike rental services. There are 1 different bike services in Waterloo . We give you an overview of the bike offer in Waterloo herunder:

Shared bikes - Waterloo


Spinlister - Peer-to-peer bike sharing (P2P). Service with a worldwide presence. American company.

LogoMobility tools in Waterloo

Several mobility tools exist today that will make your life easier for your trips in Waterloo, whether by car, bicycle, public transportation or a mix of several means of mobility. Whether it is route planning applications or real-time navigation assistants, you will find them hereunder. There are 5 mobility tools that will make your life easier when moving around in Waterloo:


Google Maps - Mobile application and platform for real-time route calculation and navigation service. Suggests several types of transport (car, bicycle, public transport, ...). American company with a worldwide presence.


Moovit - Mobile application allowing real-time route calculation, specialized in public transport. Israeli company offering integrated payment for several solutions.


Waze - Mobile application offering a real-time community navigation service for drivers. A Google company with a global presence.


Coyote - Community mobile driver assistance application. French company offering real-time alerts for traffic and speed cameras.


Skipr - Mobile application allowing route calculation with several types of transport and local solutions. Service allowing the grouping of mobility expenses for professionals, proposed by the company D'Ieteren.

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