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Parking rules and prices - Brussels Chatterguides

Nearby parking

On-street parking : free - green zone

calendar-icon7/7clock-iconfree parking with no time limit

Alternatives to park around

icon-walkingmax 5 min walk
icon-walkingmax 15 min walk

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This page will help you park easily around your destination - Brussels Chatterguides. It will inform you about free, disc or paid parking spots and the prices and schedules of these. The interactive map beneath will help you find free, cheap and more advantageous parking in bruxelles

Parking - Brussels Chatterguides
Nearby parking

Brussels Chatterguides is situated in a free parking zone. This parking zone is colored in green on the map above. Here are the details of the parking rules for this zone.

Green zone
  • Free parking without time limit
Alternatives to park around

You can often find free or cheaper parking zones near your destination, however these are usually not easy to find. We have listed these parking zones hereunder. Feel free to check the interactive map of Seety to find all the best parking spots.

1. Alternatives 5 min away
On-street parking

There are no cheaper zones available for 5 min walking.

Public parking

At 5 minutes walking distance there are 2 other parkings that could be easier or cheaper. You will find the details below:

Sablon-Poelaert - Interparking
Rouppe Fontainas - Rouppe Fontainas
2. Alternatives 15 min away
On-street parking

There are no cheaper zones available for 15 min walking.

Public parking

At 15 minutes walking distance there are 7 other parkings that could be easier or cheaper. You will find the details below:

Albertine-Square - Interparking
Porte de Hal - Interparking
Royal Windsor Hotel - Warwick
Brussels Chatterguides

Since 1983 the Brussels Chatterguides (formerly known as "Chatterbus") share their passion for Brussels with travellers, groups of all sizes and shapes and, of course, the Brusselians themselves. The Chatterguides offer general discovery, or themed tours which are original, exciting and friendly. They can be on foot, by coach or by public transport. The commentaries and tours are adapted to the interests of each group. From the Grand Place to the Art Nouveau districts, from chocolate to Belgian beer (an area where the Chatterguides have built a solid reputation), from Tintin to Magritte, we offer a wide range of walks, tours and happenings to help you understand and love Brussels.

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