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Parking rules and prices - Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier

Nearby parking

On-street parking : paid - orange zone

calendar-iconmon - satclock-icon09:00 - 18:00

Public parking : Entre Deux Portes - Interparking


Price : €5.6 / 2h

Alternatives to park around

icon-walkingmax 5 min walk
icon-walkingmax 15 min walk

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This page will help you park easily around your destination - Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier. It will inform you about free, disc or paid parking spots and the prices and schedules of these. The interactive map beneath will help you find free, cheap and more advantageous parking in brussel

Parking - Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier
Nearby parking

Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier is situated in a paid parking zone. This parking zone is colored in orange on the map above. Here are the details of the parking rules for this zone.

Orange zone
  • From Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Pricing: 0.5€ (30min), 1€ (1h), 3€ (2h)
  • Take a ticket to benefit from the free 15 min.
  • Free on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Residents card: 1st: 10€/year, 2nd: 50€/year and 3rd: 250€/year.
  • Visitors: possibility to buy a parking card for 2.5€/4h30 (max 100/year per household).
  • Free parking without time limit for disabled people.
  • Parking ticket: 25€ per half day.
Public parking

Entre Deux Portes is situated next to Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier. He is located at Avenue de la Toison d'Or 17, 1000 Brussels. Here are the details of the parking.

Entre Deux Portes - Interparking

  • Access hours : 24h/24
  • Price : €5.6 / 2h
  • Capacity: 156 spots
Alternatives to park around

You can often find free or cheaper parking zones near your destination, however these are usually not easy to find. We have listed these parking zones hereunder. Feel free to check the interactive map of Seety to find all the best parking spots.

1. Alternatives 5 min away
On-street parking

There are no cheaper zones available for 5 min walking.

Public parking

At 5 minutes walking distance there are 5 other parkings that could be easier or cheaper. You will find the details below:

Sablon-Poelaert - Interparking
2 Portes - Interparking
Porte de Namur - MyPark
2. Alternatives 15 min away
On-street parking

There are no cheaper zones available for 15 min walking.

Public parking

At 15 minutes walking distance there are 4 other parkings that could be easier or cheaper. You will find the details below:

Louise - Indigo
Albertine-Square - Interparking
Tulipe - Commune d'Ixelles
Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier

The Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier institute with their more than 30 years of experience is the main aesthetic reference in and around Brussels! This business has just been awarded the title of "Royal Warrant Holder for the Court of Belgium." Today, Nadine Salembier welcomes you at 53 Boulevard de Waterloo. This location is in a totally renovated space, 100% dedicated to beauty and wellness treatments! Forget about your stress, it's time for some "you time"... We take the utmost care to make sure your visit is a very special moment of relaxation. Our treatment protocols are all designed with your wellness at the top of our list - pampering is our specialty. Institute Nadine Salembier: treatment, make-up, beauty products A wide range of facial treatments to prevent or treat skin problems such as hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and/or sebum overproduction. Our estheticians will effectuate a diagnosis of your skin in order to arrive at a personalized solution to your problem. We offer diverse and relaxing massages, exfoliations, thinning treatments, and also spa treatments for your whole body: hydrotonic showers, hydromassage baths, sun showers, hammams and of course the classics: hair removal, pedicures, manicures, etc. Semi permanent make-up has been our signature service for more than 30 years. We provide extraordinary results dealing with very light or inexistent eye lashes, undefined lips and adding up upper and lower eye-liner. Forget the annoying task of putting on eye pencil and have this make-up for at least 2 years. Be reassured of the most natural looking results possible with our new "scratching," "hair by hair" and oxygen fixation techniques... Not convinced yet? Ask our specialist for advice! The "Evasion" deal includes 2 - 4 hours of treatments, a moment of pure happiness for you or as a gift. Your comfort is our priority: each treatment is enhanced with convenient additions: hot towels, massaging mattresses, scalp massge, oxygen therapy, aromatherapy, and much more. A "Masculine" menu is also available, because after all, men also feel the need to take care of themselves and relax too! We have specific treatments for their skin. Nadine Salembier is also a complete line of unique and natural beauty products. Since 1973, the products are used during the treatments in the institute. They are also available for purchase so you can prolong the effectiveness of your treatments at home.

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