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Les Lilas is one the municipalities in Ile de France. Like everywhere, it is difficult to find cheap parking. By making the right choice, it can be easy to find free or cheap parking.

In Les Lilas there are 6 different parking zones. Here you will find the rules, prices and schedules for each parking zone. You will also find an interactive map to find the best and cheapest parking spots.

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For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to pay your parking with a mobile application in order to avoid physical contact with the parcmeters. You will find the different contactless payment options in the Other useful parking information section below. How to pay your parking in Les Lilas?

How to pay your parking in Les Lilas

In Les Lilas, it is possible to pay for parking either directly at the parking meter or via a mobile application. The advantage of using a mobile application is that you can stop your parking at any time and therefore you will never pay more than necessary.

There are several applications to pay for your parking in Les Lilas. Transaction fees, the different services and the areas covered vary greatly from one app to another. It is therefore interesting to choose the cheapest or the one that best suits your needs.

You will find here the complete list of mobile applications available in Les Lilas.

Free parking on sundays and public holidays at Les Lilas

Icon parking
Free parking: Blue zone - Les Lilas
  • ParkingParking is free on Sundays and public holidays
  • IMore info
Icon parking
Free parking: Orange zone - Les Lilas
  • ParkingParking is free on Sundays and public holidays
  • IMore info
Icon parking
Free parking: Red zone - Les Lilas
  • ParkingParking is free on Sundays and public holidays
  • IMore info

Parking fine at Les Lilas

The parking fine (charge) at Les Lilas varies by zone. This gives you the right to park for a period of time which is also variable. You will find all the details below:

Parking for people with reduced mobility at Les Lilas

On-street parking for people with reduced mobility (PRM) is generally free. Find full details for Les Lilas below.

Parking for residents at Les Lilas

Local residents generally benefit from regulations or advantageous prices in certain street parking areas. Please note that it is necessary to obtain a parking card for residents to use it. You can find all the details for Les Lilas below:

Icon parking
Resident parking: disc - Blue zone - Les Lilas
  • ParkingFree without time limit with the resident sticker.
  • IMore info
Icon parking
Resident parking: paid - Orange zone - Les Lilas
  • Parking6€/week & prior registration required.
  • IMore info
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