On-street parking can be a bit confusing. Indeed each city has its own rules and payment methods.

Here under you’ll find everything you need to know about on-street parking payment in Kraainem.

First step is to find the most advantageous parking area near your destination. For that Seety can help. This free app displays all on-street parking information on an interactive map (free areas, prices, schedules, max stay..).

Some cities allow to park for a few minutes for free. The downside though is that you have to take a ticket to the parkmeter. Check here whether you can benefit from free minutes in Kraainem.

Second step, is to find the most suitable way to pay.

Pay at the parking meter in Kraainem

As everywhere, you can directly pay at the parking meter in Kraainem.

This option may not be the most convenient, but it is usually the cheapest.

Pay your parking in Kraainem

Not available in Kraainem.

Useful information about parking in Kraainem