On-street parking can be a bit confusing especially in the Region of Brussels.

Indeed, each one of the 19 municipalities have their own rules and payment methods.

Here under, you’ll find everything you need to know about on-street parking payment in Ixelles.

First step is to find the most advantageous parking area near your destination. For that, Seety can help. This free app displays all on-street parking information on an interactive map (free areas, prices, schedules, max stay..).

Some municipalities allow to park for a few minutes for free. The downside though is that you have to take a ticket to the parkmeter. Check here whether you can benefit from free minutes in Ixelles.

Second step, is to find the most suitable way to pay.

Pay at the parking meter in Ixelles

As everywhere, you can directly pay at the parking meter in Ixelles.

This option may not be the most convenient, but it is usually the cheapest.

Pay your parking with an app in Ixelles

Paying with an app might be more convenient although a bit more expensive than parking at the parking meter. You don’t need coins and no more rushing to the meter to extend your time. Additional benefit, you only pay the actual time of your stay, thus per minute, which is not the case when you pay at the parking meter. Don't forget to stop your parking session though !

In Ixelles two apps are available: OPnGO, PayByPhone, Whoost and Yellowbrick.

Note that you should register first in order to use the different services.


Pay your on-street parking with the OPnGO app

OPnGO is the cheapest app to pay your parking in Ixelles as there are no transaction costs.

  • Put the pointer on the street you want to park on, select your duration and click on pay
  • Note that you can only pay by credit card
  • Only drawback is that the coverage of OPnGO is very limited in Brussels (3 municipalities)

More info about OPnGO here.


Pay your on-street parking with the PayByPhone app

You can also choose to pay your parking with the PayByPhone app in Ixelles.

  • Transaction costs amount of 0,20€
  • Start a new session and choose your duration time just as you would at the parking ticket machine.
  • Note however that the coverage is low in Brussels

More info over PayByPhone here.


Pay your on-street parking with the Whoosh app

With the Whoosh app you have to pay transaction costs but they are one of the lowest.

  • Transaction costs of 0,23€
  • Start a new session, select the nearest meter on the map and start a parking session
  • Note that you can only pay by credit card

Coverage in Brussels is a bit better than OPnGO but still limited (4 municipalities).

More info about Whoosh here.


Pay your on-street parking with the Yellowbrick app

Last option to pay your parking in Ixelles. But be careful that this app has a registration cost of 10€.

  • Transaction costs of 0,30€
  • Start a new session and select the zone code you are in from the suggested list

Yellowbrick has the biggest coverage in Brussels (8 municipalities) and one of the biggest one in Belgium.

More info over Yellowbrick here.

Pay your parking by text message in Ixelles

Not available in Ixelles.

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