The fee or parking ticket is issued by the municipality contrary to a parking fine or a report that is issued by the police. The fee in Forest is usually 25€.

To dispute your parking fee, you must follow the specific procedure of the municipality or the specialized company who manages it. In this case:

Why could you challenge a parking fee?

Contest a parking ticket is always possible if you have a good reason. Here are some examples (non-exhaustive list):

  • Parking meter out of order (the one nearby too). The law then implies to put the blue disc.
  • You were in the process of paying the ticket machine when you received the fee.
  • Defect in form (eg error in the date, in the license plate, in the address, or the reason for the fee).
  • You were loading or unloading material. Your car was therefore legally "stopped" and not "parked".
  • Your car has been stolen (do not forget to join the theft report).

How to dispute a parking fee?

  • Send the dated and signed claim by mail or e-mail.
  • Mention in your complaint:
    • Last name and first name
    • Address
    • Objet of the complaint
    • Precise parking address
    • Fee number
    • License plate number

Deadline for contest and payment

  • Contest deadline: 10 days (from the date of the parking ticket).
  • Payment deadline: 5 days (from the date of the parking ticket).
  • First reminder: no extra charges.
  • Second reminder: fee increased by € 15.
  • After the second reminder, a legal civil procedure will be established and additional charges could be added.

Contacts to submit the complaint

How to avoid parking tickets?

You want to reduce risks to get a parking ticket in the future? Check the parking rules for Forest here.

Police parking fine

Parking fines issued by the police are related to violations of the highway code and are not the responsibility of the municipality. If you received a parking fine, you can challenge it by returning the reply form that accompanies the ticket. You will find more information on the difference between a fine and a parking fee here.