The fee or parking ticket is issued by the city contrary to a parking fine or a report that is issued by the police. The fee in the city of Antwerp is usually 39€.

In Antwerp, parking attendants no longer leave parking tickets on cars since 3 June 2020. You will receive a letter by post.

To dispute your parking fee, you must follow the specific procedure of the city.

Why could you challenge a parking fee?

Contest a parking ticket is always possible if you have a good reason. Here are some examples (non-exhaustive list):

  • Parking meter out of order (the one nearby too). The law then implies to put the blue disc.
  • You were in the process of paying the ticket machine when you received the fee.
  • Defect in form (eg error in the date, in the license plate, in the address, or the reason for the fee).
  • You were loading or unloading material. Your car was therefore legally "stopped" and not "parked".
  • Your car has been stolen (do not forget to join the theft report).

How to dispute a parking fee?

You can submit an objection by contacting the customer service department of** Antwerp Mobility and Parking** by writing.

Deadline for contest and payment

  • Contest deadline: 10 days (from the date of the parking ticket).

Contacts to submit the complaint

How to avoid parking tickets?

To avoid a futur parking ticket, make sure you consult the parkingrules of Antwerp. To have all parking information with you, download the app with the interactive parking map.

  • You thought you could park for free for 10 minutes? That's right, but don't forget to take your parking ticket at the parking meter or pay with this app. Feel free to purchase a parkingticket with the app if you are not back within 10 minutes. Plus, you pay no transaction fees!

  • You put your parking disc but still got a parking ticket? You probably exceeded the maximum parking duration allowed. Check the maximum parking time for the street you are in by geolocating yourself here or any other street's parking regulation.

  • You got a parking fine while having a parking permit for residents? You may have been parked on a street that is not part of your residential zone. Add your residential zone to the interactive parking map with this app and never make a mistake again. Click on "My maps" in the menu to do so and search your residential parking zone. You can easily see if you are outside your resident zone or not.

  • Was het parkeeraautomaat defect? Dan moet u uw blauwe parkeerschijf op uw dashboard opzetten of uw parking eenvoudig betalen en zonder extra transactiekosten met deze app.

  • Was the parking meter defect? In this case you have put your parking disc on your dashboard or you could pay for your parking easily and without extra transaction costs with this app.

Police parking fine

Parking fines issued by the police are related to violations of the highway code and are not the responsibility of the city. If you received a parking fine, you can challenge it by returning the reply form that accompanies the ticket. You will find more information on the difference between a fine and a parking fee here.