After finally managing to find a parking spot, paying your parking comes next.

If you are just like me, you never have enough cash with you to pay your parking.

The following apps are here to make your parking life easier by enabling you to pay your parking.

Choose the parking zone you are in, enter the number of your licence place and then pay for your parking. Easy right?

Depending on the app, either start a session and end it when you are about to leave your parking spot, either choose your parking duration time. Extending your parking time with the latter is a breeze. No more rushing to the parking ticket machine !

Note however that for short time parking, paying by mobile will cost you a lot more.

Tip: Search on Seety for a cheaper street nearby first !

Check all parking rules regulations and prices on Seety

Price regulations concerning on-street parking can vary from street to street.

You can easilty check all parking regulations and prices on Seety's interactive map via their app.

So don't forget to take a lot first, a cheaper parking street may be just around the corner !

Download the app here., if you want all parking information available in your pocket.

Parking apps


Pay your on-street parking with the 4411 app

Easily pay your parking by starting/ending a parking session via the 4411 app.

If you have a Proximus, Scarlet or Orange subscription you can also pay by text message by sending it to 4411.

Transaction costs amount to 0.25€ per session with the app and 0,3€ by text message.

Not only can you easily pay for your on-street parking, but you can also pay for your De Lijn tickets as well as for your electric car recharge via the 4411 app.

Note that you can also pay for public parkings via the app.

Start/End session

Manage several profiles at the same time (including personal and professional)

No subscription costs

Paying app with the biggest city availability in Belgium

Get notifications that the parking session is still active

No subscription possible

To get more info over the *4411 service click here.


Pay your on-street parking with the Parkmobile app

Start/End a parking session via the Parkmobile app.

You can also start a session by sending a texte message to 4810.

A session costs 0,30€. However, if you opt for the subscription, by paying a fixed amount of 2,5€ (per licence plate) there will be no additional fees for each session you start.

With ParkMobile you can pay your on-street parking as well as off-street parking. Neat Right?

Your licence plate is recognised at the barrier when it comes to off-street parking.

Note that you should first apply for a ParkMobile Token before using this service.

Start/End session

Private and professional account possible

Subscription possible

Set up a maximum parking time and notifications

Good presence in Belgium, especially Brussels and Flanders

A reminder message of your parking session being active is 0,25€

Adding another licence plate after registration will cost you 1€

An additional fee of 3% will be deducted from your bank account if you choose to pay per credit card

To get more info over the Parkmobile service click here.

Pay via a mobile app


Pay your on-street parking with the Parkmobile app

You can pay on-street parking via the OPnGO app easily by selecting a time duration, just as you would at the parking ticket machine.

Plus there are no transaction costs.

Extending your parking time can be easily done via the app though !

Note that parking off-street is possible too with this app.

No transactions costs !

Off-street parking also possible (with digicodes)

Low coverage in Belgium

To get more info over the *OPnGO service click here.


Pay your on-street parking with the Yellowbrick app

Starting a session costs 0.30€ unless you’ve opted for the subscription. In this case, you can park for an unlimited amount of session for €0.60 per week.

Yellowbrick allows you to pay for your on-street parking. You can either choose to pay per transaction or subscribing. The latter is advantageous if you park at least twice a week.

Note however that in order to use the service, registration will cost you €10.

Start/End session

Paying for visitors is possible (but registration of an extra user costs an additional €5)

Parking unlimited for a fixed amount per week

Private and professional accounts possible

Good presence in Belgium, especially in Flanders

Registration costs

Notice period for putting an end to the subscription is 2 weeks

To get more info over the Yellowbrick service click here.


Pay your on-street parking with the Whoosh app

Start/End a session via the Whoosh app. A parking session costs €0,23.

Whoosh finds the correct parking zone for you !

Start/End session

Registration is free

Low coverage in Belgium

To get more info over the Whoosh service click here.

More info

Although pretty convenient, these apps are unfortunately not available Belgium-wide. Still, they are going to be proven very useful for the cities in which they are active.

Make sure to check their availabilities first!