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How to pay your parking in Saint-Josse-ten-noode

There are 2 on street parking zones in Saint-Josse-ten-noode. You will find all the informations regarding parking in Saint-Josse-ten-noode by clicking on the button below. In paid parking zone, it is possible to pay for your parking via mobile applications, SMS or directly at the parking meter. You will find informations about these payment methods on this page.

Coronavirus Alert (Covid-19)
For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to pay your parking with a mobile application in order to avoid physical contact with the parcmeters. You will find all the different contactless payment options below.

Pay your parking via a mobile application in Saint-Josse-ten-noode

In Saint-Josse-ten-noode, there is 1 mobile application with which you can pay for your on-street parking. Choosing the right one is important because every application works in a different way. You will find informations concerning this application below.





  • Transaction fee of 0.30€ or 10% of the transaction (min 0.15€ and max 0.50€)
  • Activation fee: 10€
  • Subscription formula: 0.75€/week
  • Accepted payment methods (Credit Card, domiciliation)




  • Available in several Belgian cities
  • Possibility to save zones as favorites
  • Different ways to choose the parcmeter nearby


  • Beware of the activation fee of 10€
  • One of the most expensive applications on the market
  • Registration required before discovering the app
  • Only available for on-street parking
  • Registration is relatively long

Pay your parking at the parking meter in Saint-Josse-ten-noode

In Saint-Josse-ten-noode it is possible to pay for parking directly at the parking meter. Depending on the cities you can either pay by cash or by card.

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