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The Seety service

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      Seety is a community parking tool designed to make city parking smarter. On-street parking areas and public parkings are mapped on Seety's interactive parking map.

      The tool is available on the map.seety.co website as well as on the mobile application. However, the Seety application offers more functionality than the online map.

      The advantages of the Seety service are numerous:

      • Find the cheapest parking zones - The interactive parking map and Seety colour-coding allows you to quickly find a free or more advantageous parking zone in your city or in an unknown city.
      • Pay for on-street parking by the minute - Save money by only paying for your actual parking time, which is not possible when you pay for your parking at the parcmeter. Plus, you won't have to go all the way to the pay station and you won't need coins to pay for your parking! Seety offers you to stop your sessions manually or automatically, to avoid forgetting. Your payment preferences and your vehicle license plate are saved to make your next parking session easier and faster. When the city where you park offers free or daily tickets, Seety takes them into account in the price calculation.
      • Parking community - Take advantage of the Seetyzens parking community, a community of mutual help for parking. Thanks to the community, you will receive control alerts, control risks are calculated and parking data is always up-to-date. Help the community also by reporting the presence of a controller, sharing information about a parking fine but also if you have not been controlled. Report when you come across information that is no longer up-to-date in the app.
      • Smart notifications - Seety sends you notifications when your parking time is up or if a parking officer has been spotted near your car.

      The Seety app is completely free.

      For the payment of your parking, there is a transaction fee of 0.20€ per parking session in Brussels, which makes it the cheapest on the market. In Antwerp, there are no transaction fees when starting a parking session, the service is free.

      The Seety service is available in most cities in Belgium and France. Consult the cities where Seety is available. Other cities and countries will follow very soon.

      Topographic data of the map are coming from Mapbox and OpenStreetMap.

      If you have a question that is not answered in this FAQ, please contact us by sending an email to laura@seety.co for any requests regarding the Seety service and suggestions for improvements or by sending an email to hi@seety.co to get in touch with the founders of the app.