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Payment via the app

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    Parking sessions

      To start a parking session, press the «Pay». The «Pay» button is displayed in the bottom menu when you are in an area where parking is paid.

      Check that the information (parking address, license plate and payment method) is correct. Choose the options for stopping the parking session and the notifications that best suit you.

      To end a parking session you have two options:

      • Stop session manually - After starting the session, a button «Parked since X min» appears in the bottom menu. Click on the button, then click on «Stop session» which will appear in the newly opened window
      • Stop Session within a predefined period of time - To customize the duration of the notifications, press the icon containing the alert time. A button appears in the bottom menu. «Remaining parking X min» that tells you when your parking ends

      To start a pro-account parking session, you first have to create a pro account, in your profile (in the settings) of the app. Once your pro account is activated, start a standard parking session. A 'Pro account' button appears. When you wish to start a pro transaction, you just have to activate it.

      When you forget to stop a parking session, the counter continues to count down. You will be charged until you stop the session or until the session ends automatically. We cannot interfere with the extra charges for the parking session. It is your responsibility to start and stop your parking sessions.

      To prevent this from happening, remember to set up your notifications in a personalized manner. More information on customizing notifications here.You can also program an automatic end of the session so you don’t forget to stop your session

      Your parking session may have automatically terminated for two reasons:

      • You have reached the maximum parking time allowed in this zone.
      • Paid parking hours are exceeded and parking becomes free, the session will terminate at that point
      • You have activated the automatic shutdown of your session.

      The maximum allowed parking time depends on the city or municipality where you try to park but also on the type of parking zone. All parking information can be found in the bottom menu of the application, in the detailed parking menu and in the parking payment window.

      The validity of the ticket can be checked in the bottom menu of the application. When you start a parking session, it will be displayed in the bottom menu as well as in the «My parking sessions» section of the menu on the left side of the screen.

      The app Seety makes paying for parking very easy and is one of the best ways to find the cheapest parking zones near your destination and pay for your parking. However, if you encounter a problem with the platform to pay for your parking, please go to a parcmeter. The Seety service is not responsible for tickets received as a result of technical problems encountered when paying for parking.

      If a parcmeter is defective, note that you must put on your parking disc. You can contact the parking service of the town or municipality concerned.

      The app doesn't have to stay open while a parking session is active. The parking session will remain active even if you leave the app. Open the app again when you want to end your parking session. If you log out of the app, you will need to log back in to access your account and session.

      Yes, you can get free parking tickets with the Seety service.

      When a city or municipality offers daily parking tickets, Seety calculates and charges you the most advantageous rate after the parking session is over.

    Parking data

      When you want to start a parking session, your parking information is displayed in the payment window. If the parking address, vehicle number plate or payment method is not correct, you can change it by clicking on it.

      Changing the parking address, license plate or payment method of a current parking session is not possible at the moment. If you have made a mistake in one of the parking data and want to change it, you will have to stop the session and start a new one with the correct data. More information on how to start and stop a parking session here.

      Warning, you pay a transaction fee for each new parking session.

    End of parking notifications

      You can choose between two types of notifications:

      • A notification that alerts you before the end of your parking session, for example 15 minutes before the end of the session
      • A notification that alerts you on a recurring basis, for example every 2 hours.

      To customize the duration of notifications, clic on the icon containing the alert time.

      To disable parking reminder notifications, uncheck all options in the parking payment window.

      All parking reminder notifications are free.

      There are several reasons why you didn't receive an end-of-parking reminder notification:

      If you have not received an end of parking notification and none of the above reasons explain why, please contact us by sending an email to laura@seety.co

    End of the parking session

      To end a parking session you have two options:

      • Stop the session manually
      • Stop the session automatically in a predefined time

      You can customize the end of your automatic parking session by changing the duration. Clic on the icon containing the time.

      You can stop a parking session that automatically ends within a predefined time at any time.

      After starting a parking session that automatically ends, a button appears in the bottom menu «Remaining parking X min». A new window appears when you click this button «Stop session».

      At the moment it is not possible to extend a parking session that automatically ends within a preset amount of time. The feature will be available soon.

      If you notice that the parking session has not automatically terminated after the preset time, please contact us by e-mail at laura@seety.co


      Parking agent have access to the Seety platform to check which parking sessions are active and which license plates are associated with them.

      If you get a parking ticket after you paid for your parking with Seety, check in «My transactions» that the parking address, date, time and license plate match the one on the ticket. If so, contact the department responsible for issuing the ticket. To find out which department to contact, go to our blog.

      More information on how to consult «My transactions» here.