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      For the payment of your parking, transaction fees amount of 0.20€ per parking session in Brussels, which makes it the cheapest on the market. In Antwerp, there are no transaction costs, the service is free.

      The Seety app is completely free.

      Seety allows you to pay your parking fees with several payment methods:

      • Credit card
      • Domiciliation
      • Apple Pay
      • Google Pay

      To change or add a new payment method, go to «Settings» in «Menu».

      In «My means of payment» you can change your payment method or add a new one by entering your card details.

      After each parking transaction we send you an e-mail with the details of the transaction.

      In the «Menu» of the app you will find a tab «My transactions» where your transactions can also be viewed.

      If the invoiced amount does not correspond to your parking transactions, please contact us by sending an email to laura@seety.co.

      If you can't know how to make a parking transaction, there are two possibilities:

      • Your account may be temporarily blocked if we haven't received payment for your last parking transaction.
      • If your parking transactions have all been paid, you may have a problem in the app. In this case contact us by sending an email to laura@seety.co.

      This can happen when you start a transaction for more than the coupon amount, but end it sooner than expected. In this case, a minimum amount of 10cts is taken into account.